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We believe that happiness lies in the art of celebrating every victory in life, big or small,...


Enjoy every moment of joy and positive emotions,...

Enjoy magical and unique moments,...


Celebrate each accomplishment of which we are proud,...

Taking care of yourself, those you love...

Praise love, people who matter to us,...

Celebrate life!

Fond - TONIC 2.jpg

It is to accompany you

and help you make the most of unique moments

and highlights of your life that

“La Boutique TONIC” was born

it's been over 10 years already.

We believe that every moment of happiness is only more memorable if it is celebrated with the greatest respect, if it is celebrated as it should be, 

with elegance,refinement and distinction. 

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Fond - TONIC 2.jpg
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It is for this reason that we would like to make

our TONIC dresses accessible to all,

with optimal textile quality associated

to very low prices... 


In order to sublimate you

during these precious moments... 

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This is why we offer a considerable choice of more than 350 different models of bridesmaid, ceremony, wedding, gala or cocktail dresses, in more than 17 different colors.



Available in our 5 stores in Belgium

(Awans, Gembloux, Bastogne, Fléron, Ronse),

as well as on our site. 

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There is no doubt, therefore, that with such a choice of dresses, you will certainly make an impression at your next event, and will shine among those you love, and who love you.  

“Life Is Magic in TONIC Dress.”

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